Posted by Olexandr Prokhorenko on 18th May 2011

Time Management Skills

Ok, a quick show of hands, how many of you are guilty of the, “I work by the hour mentality”? How many spend a large part of the work day simply goofing off rather then working and think that is how it should be? Now how many of you wish you could get more done at work?

Those who raised there hands for the first two questions can leave. You are not really interested in bettering your position at work and will likely remain in a menial position until you change that mind set. To get ahead in any industry requires a certain attitude. That attitude is “how can I help the company I work for and so improve my pay check and position?” If you do not have that attitude then my best advice is to look for a career better suited to your personality that you can enjoy doing.

Those who want to make a mark on their company however should continue reading for tips on how to improve their time management skills so they can be more productive.

1)     Change your perception: The truth is time management is a myth. You can not actually mange time but only how you spend it.

2)     Discover your personal “time bandit”: A “time bandit” is the thing or things you do that steals minutes or hours from every day. This could be surfing the net, gazing out the window, making or taking non-business phone calls or anything else that you may find yourself doing that wastes time.

3)     Change your “time bandit” habits: Once you discover your personal “time bandits” your time management goals may be to reduce or eliminate the habit of wasting time. You can turn off your cell phone while working, allow yourself no more the 10 minutes a day for email or get into the habit of bookmarking interesting web pages to look at later when you are not supposed to be working.

4)     Use time management tools: Set yourself a schedule to follow every day using a daily planner or other time management tools. Decide what tasks should be done when and how long you should devote to them and stay on task.

5)     Prioritize daily: Set aside time every single day to decide what goals you need to reach and what tasks must be done. Assign each item a time limit and ruthlessly stick to you own time schedule.

6)     Delegate: No one person can do everything. Tasks that can be done by someone else should be, especially if the other person is better at the task then you are.

7)     Most of us know how important time management skills are for every single thing we do but we also often have no idea how to go about changing our mind sets and habits. I hope the tips I have outlined here helps you to learn a few things about time. Another trick is to use PlusRated to have friends, family and coworkers evaluate your skills so you know where you need to spend some of your time on improvement.


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