Posted by Olexandr Prokhorenko on 6th April 2011

Personal Skills

Just the other day as I was looking at my employment skills list and considering how best to tackle it I realized that although improving the skills so desperately needed to get a new job, change careers or advance in your present job are very important, personal skills can be even more so.

Personal skills are those skills you need to form the nucleus of character, and are just as important as expanding your business related skills. In fact personal skills may just be more important to you in the long run because personal skills can help you in all aspects of your life.

The following list of personal skills that everyone should work on is by no means complete but does include the most important in my humble opinion.

1. Continue Learning: They say that the brain is a muscle and must be exercised least it stagnant. The truth is most of us live our lives with our brains stuck in neutral. Continuous learning is a skill that must be developed and maintained to get the most from life. Once you begin to use your brain you will find it easier to learn new things.

2. Be Positive:  The power of hope and positive thinking is one of life’s most valuable gifts. It has been proven that people who have a positive outlook on life are more relaxed, focused and successful then people who do not. The Serenity Prayer is the most powerful tool I know to learn the power of positive thinking.

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

3. Personal best: Always strive to do your best. Many people tend to coast along the path of least resistance and then wonder why they always get passed by for the big promotions. If you never try you will never succeed and if it is worth doing then it is worth doing right, may be cliché but they are absolutely true. To succeed in business or in life you must do your best.

4. Honesty: Honesty is one of the most important of personal skills as well as business skills. If you are not trusted you will not succeed.

5. Know Yourself: Sometimes the simplest and most powerful skill of all your skills is to understand exactly who you are and what you want.

6. Communication: Need I say more? Communication skills are the top of the list for employment as well as personal skills. A failure to communicate correctly can cause untold drama and trouble.

7. Embrace Change: Change is inevitable whether at home or at work. Sometimes it is good; sometimes it is bad but stressing over it  never helps.

8. Learn from your mistakes

9. Balance: Always strive to balance work with play. When we worry or concentrate too much of our time and energy on one thing then nothing gets done.

10. Goals: Set goals every single day! Set small ones you know you can reach and then set bigger ones you may have to reach higher for. The more goals you set along your path the more successful you will be.


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