Posted by Olexandr Prokhorenko on 13th April 2011

Personal Leadership Skills

The economy today is a mess and many of us are either worrying about losing our jobs or out in the middle of a “dog eat dog” job market trying to find lucrative employment. But worrying as they say is a supreme waste of time and energy so perhaps it is time to take a more retroactive approach to the problem.

Employment gurus everywhere are spouting advice on what we should all be doing to prepare for the possibility of an unexpected job loss. Most of this is advice makes real sense but it seems a bit incomplete to me.

Sure you really should dust off the old resume and bring it up to date and of course there is no time like the present to send out a few feelers over your personal network to see what if anything is available but more then either of those things now Is a great time to begin a personal improvement program.

The first place to start your personal improvement regime is with your employment skill set. You see employers today are much more concerned with personal skills then they are with experience so any improvement that you can bring about will stand you in good stead if you do find yourself out there pounding the pavement.

Where to start?

When it comes to improving or developing a personal skill set the best place to start is with leadership skills. You see leadership skills are skills that you can use every day and in all sections of your life not just your job.

Many people seem to believe that good leaders are born and that may be true to a point. Some people do seem to have a certain quality about them that begins in childhood but the truth is that most leaders are not born to be leaders they have simply learned how to improve upon a particular group of skills to the point that it is habit to use them.

You too can learn these skills and with hard work and practice you can become the leader of men you have always wanted to be.  Begin by taking a closer look at the top attributes that you admire in people whom you consider to be natural leaders and try to emulate those behaviors as much as you can. Soon those types of behavior will become habit and you too will be considered a “natural” leader.

Top Ten Attributes of Leadership

  1. integrity
  2. compassion
  3. humility
  4. sincerity
  5. positivity
  6. passion
  7. commitment
  8. determination
  9. confidence
  10. courage
  11. sensitivity

Baby steps

As you go about your everyday duties and activities try to picture yourself as the leader you want to be and act like that person. Smile at people and ask them how they are doing, really listen when someone speaks to you, help someone without being asked and try to always take responsibility for your own actions even when that is difficult.

By actively attempting to do the things that you feel a real leader would do you take the baby steps needed to turn conscious action into habit.

PlusRated can also help you to develop good personal leadership skills. With PlusRated you ask your friends, family and co-workers to evaluate your skills while you strive to better yourself. This anonymous feedback allows you to see yourself as others see you so that you know where you should concentrate on improvement as well as whether or not you are actually improving in the way you want.


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