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Sit down and pay close attention now because I am going to pass along the most important business advice in the history of the world.

Every single person who is successful from the founders of the largest corporations to the worlds great artists all agree that the real and true secret of their success is not being in the right place at the right time or getting lucky. No, the real secret is something anyone can do.

The real secret is to set goals and work hard to reach them. Ahh but setting goals is not as simple as it may seem. Most people think that setting goals is as easy and simple as just saying “I want to be the boss someday.” Nope, that is not a goal. That my dear readers is a dream.

Dreams are wonderful things, don’t get me wrong, but if you are attempting to use a dream in place of a goal then it is no wonder you are still where you are. Let’s talk a little about the differences between a goal and a dream.

A dream is something you want such as “I want to be rich” or “ I want to be the CEO of the company.” Dreams are often the big light at the end of the tunnel. A goal on the other hand is a step on the road to the dream.

“The reason most people never reach their goals is that they don’t define them, learn about them, or even seriously consider them as believable or achievable. Winners can tell you where they are going, what they plan to do along the way, and who will be sharing the adventure with them. “

Denis Waitley

Just like Dennis Waitley said in order to reach your goals you must first define them and in order to do that you must first define your dreams. The statement “I Want to be rich” does not have any clear definition of how you plan to accomplish being rich and without a plan..well the dream is not achievable unless of course you win the lottery.

If we add together the dream of being rich with the dream of being CEO of the company then the dream begins to take on a small semblance of definition but that is still not enough.

You must visualize this dream as complete. Perhaps your dream can be; I will be the CEO of my own string of computer repair shops. To achieve your dream you will need to make up a plan of goals and work toward achieving them.

Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan.

Tom Landry

Many people do not seem to have the ability to think in the long term. The long term is where dreams are turned into achievements and goals are reached. The long term is where success happens.

To reach a goal such as owning your own string of computer repair shops you need to clearly define and reach for each goal in the road.

The first step toward reaching your dream entails writing the dream down in a clearly defined way and then detailing the steps or goals that will bring you to the dream. Then clearly define each step with in each goal.

Perhaps the first goal in reaching your dream of becoming the CEO of a string of computer repair stores is to take classes in computer repair?  Perhaps you should also take classes on small business management?

Now what are the steps to reaching that goal? Do you find a fast food job somewhere to pay for classes? Do you go to the guidance counselor of the school and discuss student loans?

Perhaps the next step is to define the skills and experience you will need before you can reach your dream?

PlusRated is an excellent place to help you define your dream and set the goals necessary to make that dream into a reality. You can even ask your friends, family, collogues and teachers to help you evaluate your progress towards reaching each of your goals.

Do not be afraid to dream big or to change your dream as needed, after all it is YOUR dream and YOUR goals.


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