Posted by Olexandr Prokhorenko on 20th April 2011

Finding A New Job Is Still Challenging

The good news is that the economy is actually improving from the sharp downward spiral it was on just a few short years ago. The bad news is, finding a new job is still much more difficult then in the past.

Because of the economy crash a few years ago many companies closed their doors and many others tightened up the proverbial belt and did away with unneeded personnel and their jobs which of course forced the rise in unemployment and created an atmosphere of fierce competition for each and every position available. Currently there is an average of 25 people in line for each and every job opening. So what do you do to stand out from the crowd and land that position?

Finding a job in these tough economic times calls for more then just experience, it calls for marketable job skills as well. In a competition between 2 or more people who are qualified for the position the one with the most relevant job skills is the one who will get the job, often over someone with more experience. Why?

Many employers are learning that experience is something anyone can have while a particular set of skills is not so easy to find.

In other words to improve your chances of landing a job you need to improve your marketable job skills and make them more appealing to employers. This article will list some things that you can do to improve the skills you already have and make them more appealing to potential employers.

1)     What are your marketable skills?

In order to improve your skills you must first know what they are. Make a list of all of your skills and then decide which of these is in demand by employers. You can even separate you list by intangibles such as  communication, leadership and the ability to work well within a team or tangibles such as operating certain machinery or computer programs.

2)     Are your skills up to date?

It is not enough that you have a skill you also need to make sure that skill is completely up to date. For instance knowing how to use a word processing program is not enough you should know how to operate the newest word processing program that is being used in offices today. If your skills are a little out of date take classes or teach yourself what you need to bring them inline with today’s technologies.

3)     Ask people to help you.

This is a technological age, many employers are not only searching through resumes to find the best person for the job they are also checking online. Sites like PlusRated are becoming more and more important. To take advantage ot that have friends, family and anyone you have worked with in the past post a review on your performance on these sites for you and add link to your public profile to your resume. The more people who will write testimonials and affirm your skill set the more desirable you will be to employers.


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