Posted by Olexandr Prokhorenko on 25th February 2013

Are You A Good Boss?

Very few things make people as angry as a bad boss. I don’t mean that people are annoyed by a bad boss with poor leadership skills; I mean people actually get so angry they actually dream about the boss losing his job at best and perhaps getting hit by a bus at worse.

This can be a bit scary when we stop and realize that at some point in our lives we will all be thrust into a position of leadership be it as a parent or an employer.

No matter how hard you have worked on perfecting your leadership skills you need to understand that it is impossible to be a perfect leader. But there are a few tendencies that you can use to make your transition into a leadership role smoother and better as well as less inclined to incite violence.

1)     A bad leader expects their job to be easy and believes they are good at their job even when evidence says that they are not.

A good leader may start out believing they are good at their job and everything will be easy but when faced with facts become willing to change to make things better.

2)     A bad leader has the attitude of demanding the undoable is done his or her way no matter what.

A good leader listens and learns from his or her workers to discover a way to do the undoable.

3)     A bad leader believes his or her way is the only way and that they know every aspect about what is going on.

A good leader acknowledges that he or she does not know everything and asks questions when needed to gain a grasp of the two most important things; What is going on? What still needs to be done?

4)     A good boss understand that his or her role is not in ordering people about for the sake of giving orders but rather to bring order to what others do.

To discover if you are a good boss or a bad boss the National Federation of Independent Business suggests that you ask yourself these questions:

1. Have you ever publicly criticized an employee?

2. Do you take credit for your employees’ work?

3. Do your employees fear you?

4. Do you expect employees to do what you tell them without question?

5. Do you believe employees should know what to do without you telling them or providing guidelines?

6. Are you a yeller?

7. Do you demean employees as a form of punishment?

8. Do you play favorites?

9. Do you hate delegating?

10. Do you check everyone’s work?

According to NFIB if you answered yes to one or more of these questions chances are you are a bad boss.

If you have just discovered that you may be the kind of boss that creates violent feelings in the hearts of your employees and you want to change things it is possible. There are many great websites and classes devoted to leadership skills training and another excellent tool you can use is the PlusRated website.

At PlusRated you can ask your employees to rate your skills as a leader anonymously as well as have them offer advice on how you can do better. This can give you the basis and incentive you need to become a great boss instead of a bad boss and  perhaps you can drop the self defense classes.


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